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  1. and I am not sure if this was posted before but i would really like to know what items should be in every lv lover's collection?!?!? :rolleyes:
  2. At least one Speedy - classic!
  3. I say whatever items YOU love!!!!
  4. The question will depend on one's personal taste but I would agree that one should have a classic monogram Speedy. It's just such a staple.
  5. I agree that a Speedy from any line should be a definate staple piece. It's so classic!
  6. I´d say an speedy too, or an alma... in accesoires at least one cles is a must have!
  7. I agree!! Definitely a speedy!! :smile:
  8. Ditto:yes:
  9. Speedy! :love: I don't know why I waited so long to get mine. Also something Damier. :graucho:
  10. at least speedy..
  11. at least a speedy and a pochette! (i dont hv a pochette sigh)
  12. I'm thinking a Speedy and an agenda. And a catalog of the permanent collection.

    For an "LV Princess", definitely a trunk.:girlsigh:
  13. When I think of classic LV pieces, I think of things like a speedy, alma, cles, and pochette...perhaps at least one epi piece. But I agree with other posters, whatever items YOU love should be in the collection.
  14. i have a speedy and a pochette but no cles!!!! i really think i want!!!
    i wish i got the ceries cles when it was out!!!!!
  15. speedy, cles, pochette, and keepall. i guess papillon too, but it doesn't appeal to everyone.. same with the alma, though both are classic styles.

    must haves in/for my collection are: desk agenda, abbesses, keepall 55, pegasus 50, and danube or amazone.