Very Cheap MC shirley on ebay ends 9hrs

  1. The lucky buyer will get a great deal on a gorgeous bag!
  2. i'm eyeing that one! too bad i haven't been able to go see it in person..b/c i have no idea what it holds!
  3. hehe i love it in the first auction is in canada...i can avoid customs! but thanks for the heads up!
  4. Can somebody please buy it and post 1000's of pics? :angel:
    I'm so in love with this bag...
  5. yes I agree someone please do -- i wish i could but just brought the theda GM
  6. the bids usually soar towards the end of the auction
    i was watching one on friday, and it went from $440 to $720 in a half hour! :mad:
  7. so this bag is 100% authentic right? i'm just sooo scared of ebay, but the seller's feedback looks good. i was going to go down to the boutique to look at it anyways...and this way i can save a couple hundred (maybe?)

    kimmy: congrats on your theda! wow!
  8. If you want the Shirley, keep watching the one on German eBay, kimmy posted.
    Often, they don't go that high in Germany.
  9. yep both lok good to me - you can normally get really good deals on germany's ebay - and if you ask they do ship to UK and US

  10. LOL DITTO :graucho:
  11. the one in germany says it only ships to germany.
  12. they say that but 9.9% times out out of 10 if you ask they do ship to UK and US - actually alot of times I just bid then once I have won say ok I live in the UK - can I have Uk postage costs etc - always works LOL