VERY casual wedding.

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  1. Jeans or shorts preferred.
    5pm wedding at the cottage on the lake. outside.

    Sunny and high for the day 63 degrees, but with lake effect breeze will be very chilly.

    I hate jeans and shorts. Can I wear a fall(ish) outfit like sweater dress, tights, frye riding boots? I feel being outside that I can really wear a heel because I would constantly be embedding myself in the ground.

    Or another type dress w/cardigan?
  2. Of course you can! They can't make you wear jeans or shorts! And I agree, I think it's silly when people wear heels to an outdoor wedding and sink into the ground.
  3. thanks mama!

    I really dislike wearing flats with dresses, but didnt want the boots to be too "barnyard-ish" heehee.

    On one hand, I didnt want to be "too dressy" and on the other I didnt want to come across as "slobby".

    hehee. the things that keep me up at night, while everyone just throws on jeans and tshirts. :biggrin:
  4. People who hate dressing up still do so for typical weddings to be respectful to the bride and groom. If your friends have gone to the trouble of stating that they prefer dressed-down, I think you should make the effort. You could try something like a very casual dress with few accessories, but meet them in the middle.
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    ^ i agree. not sure how you feel about wedge shoes, but they're good for grassy venues.
  6. A nice dress (that you would wear in church for instance) and a pair of wedges are ok. Jeans are never ok for weddings.
  7. Jeans are never ok for weddings.

    ITA.. and as a matter of fact, my son once got an invite to a wedding and it said "no Jeans".. I was like "huh? do some people REALLY need that spelled out?".. I'd never heard of such a thing.

    anyway, as much as I agree that jeans are not OK, I think that this case is different because it has been specified by the bride and groom as the preferred dress.

    I think the OP's outfit sounds great.

  8. While I agree that jeans are not wedding-appropriate, I completely disagree that jeans are never okay for a wedding. Jeans most certainly are okay if that is what the bride and groom want. Sometimes wedding etiquette is overruled by the bride & groom and those wishes should be respected. It's not your wedding, it's theirs and they are allowed to have the wedding of their dreams - even if that dream includes jeans. What if you show up in a nice dress (like what you would wear to church) and you are more dressed up than the bride? Everyone knows that the bride should be the center of attention and by not following her specific dress code, you could risk a major faux pas.
    OP, I wouldn't care to wear jeans or shorts to a wedding either, but I would follow the dress code of the bride & groom. I would think that a sweater dress & tights could work or another very casual dress if you are really opposed to jeans/shorts.
    Have fun at the wedding:smile:
  9. If you are unsure of what to wear to an event, my rule is to always go for "over dressed" rather than "under dressed". I would rather look like I have made too much of an effort, than not enough.

    Either way, it's a wedding... you will certainly have fun!

    Good luck. Cx ;)
  10. that. exactly. If everyone is headed to the wedding INCLUDING the bride in shorts/jeans and tshirts, I dont want to make myself the center of attention.

    Thanks everyone for your input. I think am going to for a dress, but casual, like sweaterdress, or sundress/cardi.

  11. exactly this :goodpost:
  12. I like your sweater dress/tights/riding boots idea. Maybe some riding boots a little dressier than Fryes maybe.
  13. sweaterdress is definitely not too dressy. it sounds good!
  14. I'm torn... If you wear a dress, you have to be 100% ok with the fact that you might be the only person there in a dress. Usually I'd say that the sweater dress + boots combo sounds cute and you should go for it, but I'm going to be in a similar style wedding this weekend and we were literally forbidden to wear anything nice because we're going to be walking on a dusty hiking trail (plus the people getting married dislike getting dressed up). It seems totally foreign to me--I had already bought a dress in anticipation of this wedding--but I'm going to respect their wishes and wear a pair of jeans and sneakers instead. I'm a little different because I don't mind jeans as much as you do, but I feel like our situations are similar.

    ETA: These are people who told me I looked "too dressed up" because I wore ballet flats with jeans to the county fair (ie, not sneakers), so obviously they are extremes. I guess you just have to take into account the personalities of the people getting married and go from there.
  15. These are my frye boots...I dont think they are really "riding" boots, maybe more like "barn" boots. What do you think?

    girliceclimbe - theres about an 80% chance that I will be the only one in skirt/dress...however, most will be friends and family, who understand thats just my style.

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