Very basic ebay question

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  1. If you buy an item described as authentic, paying with Paypal, and when it arrives it is fake are you entitled to a refund? Even if the seller "does not accept returns"?

  2. Sellers can write whatever they like in their auctions and it means nothing - if an "authentic" item arrives as a fake then a "Significantly not as described" Paypal claim can be opened and at the moment it seems they are mostly being won by the buyer...Unfortunately it also means for genuine sellers who prefer not to accept returns are open to buyers remorse and attempts at bait and switch...It's a bit of a lottery...
  3. kaaatie: there's tons of info on this topic here on TPF. Just do a search, specifying the "titles only," eBay subform, and "threads," and you will find lots of threads about it.