Very Bad News Ladies.......

  1. I Went Into Lv Manhasset, In Ny To Buy A Groom Piece And My Sa Said That Another Price Increase Will Go Into Effect On Nov.1 2006, She Said It Will Be 4% This Really Sucks! Just In Time For Xmas!
  2. ugh another 4% x 3 makes it about 12% increase for 2006
  3. :crybaby:
  4. UGH This makes me so mad bc this is the same day that the Azur line comes out!!
  5. oh no that sucks....
  6. there's another thread about this... they said not all the pieces will be effected by the increase. that would raise the price of a mono speedy 25 to the price of a speedy 30!
  7. How much % were the other 2 price increases? :shrugs: I forget.
  8. Oh man, that means I am definetly not getting the mirroir speedy!
  9. Actually if you count the increase on top of earlier increases it comes out to a 12.4864% increase! :wtf: This really sucks- the first day I'm in Hawaii the price goes up :cursing:
  10. Oh no! 4%!? That sure is high:hysteric:
  11. Last one was also 4%, but not across the board...meaning not every bag was sa told me this one was acroos the board. She told me about 2 weeks ago, when others will still saying no, so I tend to believe her.
  12. It's adjusted for inflation of the €uro vs. the $ US+ expansion & development costs. It's to be expected.

    LV also wants more people coming to France to buy their merchandise b/c it boosts tourism. They have socialist gov't so their Ministre des Finances & Culture can kinda give Arnault the heads up to do this to bring economic stimulus to the country.
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Sorry, the Euro has not increased over the dollar 12% this year....that's a line.
  14. It's to be expected but it's redundant imo, so that brings the price of the miroir to what...
  15. $1196.00