Very bad girl-but great bags!!!

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  1. I got the two bags that I ordered over Memorial Day weekend and they are both gorgeous. :tup:
    The first is a Botegga Veneta tote on sale with the extra 15% off plus the 20% off with shop337...
    [​IMG] The second one is a Miu Miu hobo bag on sale from Saks.
    [​IMG]I am delighted with both of them-although I wish that they'd have put a cell phone pocket in them. They only have one zip pocket on the inside...but the leather is beautiful!:rolleyes:
  2. Beautiful bags JN. I can see you've been craving some neutrals lately. Nice for summer. Congrats! :tup:
  3. Thanks Jade, after our Belen bag in petrol-I decided to add a little suttleness to my collection. I still adore my BE and use it a lot-but as they say variety is the spice of life. By the way-the BE looks fabulous on you! :yes:
  4. Congrats - I love them, especially the BV! :yes:
  5. Thanks-I appreciate the feedback-I was thinking I SHOULD return one...but...:confused1: Nah...
  6. Wow. Gorgeous. Enjoy!
  7. Gorgeous! Those are two great bags!
  8. Those are both great bags! How do you choose which one to carry? :graucho:
  9. It's truly a wonderful dilemma!:yes:
  10. wow gorgeous! great choices! congrats! can't wait to see modeling pics?
  11. Like them both, but oh, that BV:heart:, lucky girl!
  12. Maggie, I really got it at a steal when Bluefly ran the extra 15% off last weekend. Then I used the shop337 code and the total w/delivery was about $742. The list is $1380-I know that they had it 20% off now at $1,180-but the shop337 was still working for an additional 20% off which brings it down even further!:yes:
  13. Yes! It would be very difficult to choose which one to wear for the day! Love them both...
  14. Those are both great looking bags. Love the colors and the styles. Congrats!
  15. Both gorgeous!!! That miu miu is too cute. Congrats!