Very bad day at the office.

  1. Sorry about this message and please ignore it but I have to let this out and tell someone somewhere otherwise the pressure is going to build up inside me and I'm going to crack which is going to lead me to do extremely crazy things. I am stressing out like hell and I am in such deep trouble.

    Tomorrow, I am about to realise a big fat -$2,000,000 for the bank's proprietary account with a single day trade. I have made a serious blunder on my Eurodollar spread strategy in relation to the Federal rate forward curve and I have exactly 13 days and 24 minutes to hide and normalise my book. The leverage have made it worse and the multilayer tranching has made the matter even worse and the market is killing me for it. I have completely misanticipated the interest rate future pricing. You do not know how completely screwed I am. I have never made a loss in my life but now I am in line for the most sadomasochistic treatment on my bum in my sad life ever. Now I am going to dig into all my savings account and get a margin to gear it up and reverse this position.

    Thanks for letting me share here because just allowing me to do so you've made me slightly more sane; I appreciate it.
  2. Awwww...that doesn't sound good...whatever it is. I hope you can sort out your problem! :flowers:
  3. I hope your situation gets better! Good luck!
  4. Try to be calm! Like purplekitty said, I hope your situation gets better! Try to relax though, so you can think clearly!
  5. hope everything works out...good luck sweetie.
  6. ARGH..I have no clue what this is about(IM clueless with this stuff!)..But Im so sorry you are going thru this.

    Remember mistakes only make us stronger.....we learn hard from them..BUT it only makes us THAT MUCH BETTER.
  7. Was that in English? I have no idea what you're talking about but I can feel the stress coming through your post. Whenever things like that happen to me, the anticipation is ALWAYS worse than the actual outcome, so I really hope that the same happens for you. Best of luck.
  8. Over my head, but doesn't sound good....hope it gets better.
  9. *BIG HUG*

    You say you've never made a loss ever, before this, so I'm sure whatever it is, you'll be able to fix it.

    G'Luck!! :flowers:
  10. Just remember that it's only money and it's not like you killed someone. :smile: Keep life in perspective! Things WILL get better.
  11. That's more complicated than I can understand. But your distress sure comes through loud and clear. Best wishes for a good outcome.
  12. BeeBee,
    Try to stay calm and remember to breathe! You still have some time, so hang in there! Good luck! We are here for your moral support!

    big hugs!
  13. Sorrie to hear about that. I hope that it gets resolved soon. Good luck!
  14. Stay calm. Stick to your strategy that has worked so well in the past. Don't do anything fancy.

    Good luck!
  15. Bee..Bee I don't know what you just said, but I have an idea...

    First of all you need to:


    and everything will work out just fine....Good Luck to you.