Very annoying new bidder!!! Just a rant...

  1. So not too long ago, I sold a couple of Juicy Couture charms I had a duplicate of (when you buy the full bracelets, you don't get to choose the charms so I ended up with a couple of the same ones).
    So I had a charm up and a high bidder, then out of nowhere, she retracts her bid. I, out of curiosity, looked at what other charms she'd gotten and she'd retracted her bid on my authentic one to buy a different fake one!! I emailed her to let her know, thinking she'd appreciate it but no, of course she didn't (such is the case with so many people these days). She told me she'd look at it when she received it; here was her response she sent today:
    You sent me an e-mail stating that the clover charm I purchased was not authentic - well you are wrong. You should not make accusations about things you know nothing about...I think you should be ashamed of yourself...!


    So hands shaking over this pathetic response, here's what I emailed back:

    Hello again;
    1- I was just trying to help you, I'm an avid Juicy Couture charm collector and have 100+ charms and I know the difference between authentic and fake charms. The clover charms were never made in red, only green.
    2- I encourage you to have the charm authenticated at any Nordstrom store or a Juicy Couture store and they will tell you the same. Also, this guide may be of some help:

    I'm happy that you're happy with your charm, but again, I was just trying to help you out. I've seen too many people here get scammed unknowingly on everything from handbags to clothing by people who swear up and down that their items are authentic when they're not.
    So no, I'm not ashamed of myself for taking the time out to try to help save someone from buying a counterfeit item. In the early days of eBay, help like this would have been appreciated, which is what I was hoping you'd see it as. Sorry you don't see it that way.

    I swear, I'm not trying to help anyone anymore, I'm sick of people like this.
  2. I can see how that annoys you but the lady sounds like she doesnt care if its authentic or not. Maybe she cant tell the difference. I would just relist it and forget her. Its people like her who buy fakes who create a market for the counterfeits sold on eBay
  3. That is aweful, sometimes it doesn't pay to try and help people.

    Just to let you know, for future reference, there are only certain reasons a bidder can retract their bids. eBay can't make them pay, but you can report them and if the have to many bid retractions they will get suspended.
  4. Dont let her get to you! You did a good thing!
  5. Good for you! I would have sent the last email as well. It is a shame that people don't want to hear the advice of others, and if she didn't care then she could have just said that (and not been so rude about it). I would just repost it now and forget about her, you have spoken your peace and she will find out soon enough:hysteric:
  6. R,

    You are a sweet- heart. Don't let one nasty person ruin it for the rest that may really appreciate your help! I know you were a huge help to me when I needed it, and hope this person soon realizes how kind of a person you are!!!!
  7. Yup, I know.
    She actually contacted me to retract her bid and I would have, though I wasn't home at the time so I couldn't. She took it upon herself to retract it on her own using the "entered wrong amount" excuse.
  8. Also, this is interesting...she took it upon herself to email the WRONG SELLER to tell them I was saying her items were fake. :nogood:
  9. :nogood:there's a lot of idiots out there and you met one. You did a good thing informing her(who doesn't want to be educated...oh yay her) now report her cause it proves she knowingly retracted and bought the same thing but fake and cheaper, she did a bad thing
  10. Was the fake one cheaper than your real one?

    I've had people retract bids on my real JC wristlets because they didn't want to pay over $50. They wanted to spend $10-$20 on a NWT wristlet which just got discontinued. The nerve of some people! They end up buying all those ugly fakes for a couple bucks instead.

    I feel for you!
  11. eBay needs more people like you who try to keep others from getting scammed. It started out as wanting to be a community but sadly it isn't anymore. I hope that this person realizes at some point that you were trying to be helpful!

  12. Yeah, by a LOT. But it was in a totally different color.
    What I'm wondering is why she thought I was talking about this one particular seller, who very obviously sells nothing but authentic charms, when I was talking about the one who sells nothing but fakes. The authentic one she bought didn't even show up on the her bidding list so I didn't know she bought that one. Arrrrgh.
    Hopefully that seller with the authentic ones emails me back so she knows I was NOT talking about her. :tdown:
  13. Ugh. It happens. Everyone wants bargain.

    I know some people who carry obvious fakes. They know it's fake because they went Downtown and those street vendors have all these purses and they're like," Pick which design you like and I'll snap on this Prada triangle for you." She now has a matching "Prada" purse and wallet that costs a grand total of $35. The bag is so not Prada's style and the "leather" is plasticky, shiny and disgusting. I personally would be embarrassed but whatever...

    People like that exist in the world and they're fine with fakes because it's fraction of the original price. :cursing: I would rather not have one than have a fake one.
  14. ITA!
  15. As I have found a lot lately - no good deed goes unpunished.

    I normally HATE clichés, but this is more of a fact than I cliché I have found.

    I for one would have been grateful for your input!