very annoyed with buyer

  1. So I sold a Prada bag on eBay over a month ago stupidly to an inexperienced buyer. She won the bag for $200. After she won the auction i sent her the invoice teling her how much she owed me and where to ship it to. She emails me after saying that she "should have the money next week" i was a little pissed but i let it slide. So abou a week later she tells me she has the money and will be sending a money order. 2 weeks goes by and the money order did not arrive, so i emailed her asking if she sent it and she had. 3 weeks later still no money order. so finally a full month later with no money order i was coked, i emiled her asking where she sent it to, she replied telling me the address which was mine, but she left out one thing, my street address. I double checked my emails to her thinking i had made the mistakle of leaving it out but i diddnt, i also doublechecked my eBay shipping address to see if it was correct and it was. I dont get it, how can you just forget to put the street address.
    im so annoyed right now. :cursing:

    thanks for listening haha
  2. Yikes!

    I have a similar story. DH sells books online. On this particular sale, he wrote out the buyer's address on the package. When he got to the post office, he used the kiosk to print the shipping label (which only has the price, not the address) and taped over the address that he wrote. After he dropped it in the box, he realized what he had done. The book came back a month later. He offered the buyer a 50% discount for his very goofy error.
  3. I have a feeling this buyer has no intention to pay but was giving excuses. You could file a payming reminder and non-paying dispute. You need to do it quick otherwise it will pass the 45 day claim period. You could cancel the dispute as soon as the MO arrives, if it ever does.
  4. I would still give her the benefit of the doubt. I sent a seller a MO once, and it got lost (ok, I did put the entire address on the envelope). I was lucky the seller was patient. The MO was eventually delivered over a month later. Ask your buyer if she still wants the bag. She can cancel the MO if she has the stub, or she can wait until it finds its way back to her.

  5. This is what my boyfriend also said, she doesnt seem to upset about the fact that she messed up on the address. She doesnt have a tracking number either or else i could see if she actually sent it. but she might have actually sent it i dont know. all i know is that shes not getting the purse without paying haha
  6. Hmm, that doesn't make sense at all, I'd be upset if my payment got lost! If anything, assuming she even sent the first MO, tell her to send a new one by certified mail or something similar (if she still is even interested, which at this point, she doesn't seem too concerned).
  7. I hate people like this. I actually had someone win something from me and they told me that they had some auctions open on ebay and that they would pay me when there auctions closed and they had received payment...ahhh
  8. well if your postal system is anything like ours, if your postcode/zip is on the envelope with your name, it should find its way to you anyway, sounds like nothing was sent