Very 1st Coach Purchase

  1. Hi gals. I'm very new to the forum and to Coach. I posted earlier that I have never spent $ on myself and that the family and other obligations always came first. Well it's my turn now! Being the frugal penny pincher that I am, I feel guilty spending on myself....:sad:
    :sad: Help.
    I've decided on the following to be my first Coach purchase:
    What is the max I should pay for the wristlet? For the charm?
    I cannot find them on the Coach website and I don't want to over pay on E-bay.
    Thanks ao much ladies and I appreciate any of your advice:yes:
  2. I just saw the wristlet at my Macy's for $66, I believe. The monkey charm, I really don't know what you should expect to pay for it. But they are both cute!
  3. Very cute! I really like the colors and the monkey is adorable :smile:
  4. Congrats! Very cute!
  5. the monkey key fob was at the outlet here in n. calif and was probably 24.00
    congrats on your first coach items...cute choices
  6. Congrats :smile:
  7. I am not sure about the wristlet but I always check completed auctions to see what they are generally going for. The monkey I know I paid around low 20 something for at the outlet but they do not have anymore that I know of.
  8. I hope you can find the monkey. He is so cute! Looks even better with that wristlet.
  9. Hi DM!
    That's great that you are treating yourself to Coach items! I admire that you place your family first, so you should be rewarded. :yes:
    I agree with tlloveshim, Macy's has the wristlets for around that price.

    I think that is a great place to shop for your first Coach product if you do not have an outlet nearby. Macy's sometimes has discounted Coach items, too. (I also love good deals!) Good Luck and tell us what you got!
  10. I think the wristlet is around $65 dollars, or something like that! I like the wristlet! Hopefully you can get it!
  11. cute wristlet!
  12. cute wristlet and charm! the wristlet is like 25% at macy's
  13. :yes: Cute choices!! You've got to have little indulgences now and again... A wristlet is a great way to treat yourself!!
  14. My first Coach purchase was a wristlet. :smile: My mom got it for me for Christmas a few years ago. I've been hooked ever since. Good luck getting what you want. :smile: