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  1. I was just curious if anyone hear had a Vertu Mobile/Cell phone. I have just been doing some research on them and have fallen in love basically lol. They are perhaps a bit out of my range at the moment, what with me being a student grrr, but who knows, perhaps in the future?

    What are the phones like? Are they useful, what are the pros and cons etc
  2. Utterly overpriced, more a piece of jewellery than a phone
  3. I'm hearin' that!! (Still want one though lol:shame:, I don't wear jewellery anyway :P)
  4. i received one as a gift, the phone is basically an overpriced nokia, with basic options and if you text a lot forget it. Plus the service isnt all that great, for the money you are paying. Many times I was told they couldnt make a reservation for me while I was able to do it by myself. If you are just after the phone, its not worth it in my opinion, and if you are after a conceirge service I prefer Quintessentially hands down.
  5. I wouldn't call it an overpriced nokia. It's got WAY less options thank Nokia or any phone on the market- just the basic necessities like storing some numbers and SMS messages. I agree that they're more jewellery than a phone, and some of their designs are very tacky :s especially that ruby snake one.
  6. ^ Yes, the ruby Boucheron snake is going a bit too far.

    Has the gentleman who started the thread hold one in his hand? It's very heavy and to be honest more of a girl's phone to be put in a handbag than a man's one because you can't put it even in your jacket's pocket without it weighing you down to one side let alone put it in your trousers' pocket.

    I also agree the service is lousy. My former colleague had one but they outsourced lousy flowers for his girlfriend and could not book a table at Maze when he could do it himself. I think the service is by Ten UK which isn't exactly brilliant; not that others like Quintessentially is much better.

    However as a style accessory, I think it is not too lousy. I like this pink one which has the advert in the Financial Times:

  7. Okay you're all beginning to talk me out of it:P, perhaps I should stick with the normal phones. Anyway, was only speculation! But thanks for all the information.
  8. For the money you'd spend on one of those you could buying something really special
  9. I've got a Vertu Ascent Special Addition in White.

    It is nice and all but the batteries suck big time.

    Like someone already said, it is more of a jewelry than a cellphone.

    I still love it though. :P
  10. my so bought one at christmas and within a month he got a samsung to replace it. battery only lasted about a day and it is really basic. they look hot though.
  11. I have a weakness for phones, but everything I have ever read/heard/researched about Vertu has been negative - they can't all be wrong!
  12. I understand. But like I already said, Vertu is more a jewelry than a real phone.
  13. Here a lot of people have Vertu for mere show-off, basically to show that they can afford such an expensive phone. I find them very beautiful but totally not practical. You do not have most of the functions that are common nowdays (like radio, mp3 player etc), plus they are rather large and heavy.
    It's first and foremost the matter of image. I love the design, but you do not get for your money more than that.
  14. I totally agree. I think it is like that in most of the CIS countries. Most people I know seem to have a Vertu nowadays. I went to a party not so long ago and at least 10 people had a Vertu.

    Oh well, at least I am honest about being a bit of a show-off. :shame: