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  1. Does anyone else on here own a Vertu? If so how are you liking yours?

    For others who don't own one, do you like them? Or think they are way overpriced? I have a red one I got a long time ago and I recently got a pink one, it's limited edition.

    Here are some pictures ( I love photography and took these for a class :smile: Hope you enjoy the eye candy )


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  2. Sabz I don't own one (I destroy phones easily) but that pink color is GORGEOUS!

    It would match pink denim very nicely. :lol:
  3. Well let me say, these phones can't be destroyed easily. They are kinda heavy (173 g) compared to other mobiles.. It's stainless steel so I guess that's why :smile: You can check out the different ones on the vertu website :P
  4. I don't own a Vertu and I always wondered what is so special to be so pricey (way over my budget... ehemmm, ok, I'd rather buy a couple of bags with that money!!! :shame: ) but I guess that if they offer something traditional phones don't, then it's justified.
    I have two phones: a Nokia from my work and my private Motorola Razor (I love small phones!!) ;) but I'd love to get more info and your opinion, Habibty!!! :biggrin:
  5. Well to be honest, a Vertu phone is mostly for show :sad: LOL The real reason why it's so special is that it has Concierge service so if you're in Europe or the States you just call that number and you get almost anything. VIP reservations on hotels, flights, restaurants, spas etc :smile: Also the phone is made has special leather on the back of it (in the different colors) and it's stainless steel.. I just love the look of it. Other than this, the menu is just like a nokia! lol
  6. Well, if I can use a Concierge service, then I agree that is a good investment... perhaps next year for my birthday ;) (if I don't spend the money before in shoes and bags!!! LOL)
  7. I don't think the Vertu is worth it at all. Like you said its really just a regular nokia (without bluetooth, poor color screen) ; basically a entry level nokia with a fancy face plate. But if you travel lots and require concierge service for your lifestyle. Then you gotta pay the price. I rather have my blackberry and use my Amex to get me the hotel and airline reservations. JMO
  8. Way overpriced in terms of value for phone, in terms of the phone parts and functionality, you're just paying for their service and the name on the phone. But that's just a personal preference, I suppose some people find that more useful ?
  9. Double post. :S
  10. Actually Vertu has bluetooth :smile: And I think the screen quality is great :smile: I guess people do buy them for the name, but I really do love mine. I was thinking of selling my red one on eBay since I don't use it anymore. I wonder how much it would get on eBay.. Hmm :/
  11. Competition for eBay phones is stiff, but Vertu isn't all that common. Also, if you want to try to save some fees, try, they have a massive buy/sell subforum that's really active.
  12. Amen to that :nuts: (that's the most my lifestyle can afford, in fact LOL)
  13. I think they are quite nice, some people in my family have them but I wouldn't get one for myself because I lose phones easily and I break them even easier. I throw them around and leave them any place i go. I have the SLVR which i like, its light and small. The vertu is a status phone , like the Birkin is a status bag. They are lovely and the design of it is very modern and appealing. I wouldn't get pens or phone that are too expensive I am careless with them. But i do love it.
  14. Honestly, I don't think any cell phone is worth what these puppies cost. I'd rather buy a Birkin with the money.
  15. I have seen these, but dont own one ...they ones you have a to cute , espec. the pink