1. Has anyone ever had it?

    I posted about an ear infection, but I didn't have one. The dr. said my dizziness and nausea could be: 1) dehydration, 2) vertigo, or 3) my dyspepsia acting up.

    I have a feeling it's vertigo. It's now day 3 and I am still dizzy! The nausea has subsided a bit, but nothing seems to help with the dizziness! I am really worried that it won't go away!
  2. My dad had that recently. He had it from an ear infection.
  3. My mom currently has it. I feel so bad for her. She's been in bed for a week now.
  4. Oh wow((HUGS))...the only thing I know about Vertigo is the story my friend told me about her Mom.

    She was driving down a major street here and she went totally blind! She caused an accident-but everyone was OK. Turns out it was Vertigo and she ended up in bed for 3 weeks. Her vision came back after a week, but could you imagine going a week or even 2 minutes without your eye site?! omg! She still suffers from it-but not nearly as bad. If she lifts her head up really fast(Like-to look at the sky) she gets really dizzy and nauseous and needs to lay down.

    I hope you start to feel better!!!!!:flowers::flowers::flowers: Keep us updated!
  5. I've had it and I sympathize. It's awful. My dr. said to take Bonine, but it didn't help me. I had to wait it out. Some people say it helps quickly.

    Good luck!
  6. My husband went through this a year ago. Constant dizziness everyday. And I mean every single day for months. He went to the doctor and went through every test you can imagine. It turned out to be caused from anxiety. Truely. He started to drink valarian tea at night and during the day and try to use some stress therapies and in a few weeks it went completly away. It's amazing what stress can actually do to your body. You should think about if there is something weighing on your mind or some change in your life recently, maybe there is something on your mind and you don't realize it?

    If it doesn't go away, continue to go to the doctor and have them give you more tests.
  7. I totally agree about stress causing vertigo. My mother got it within days of my grandmother getting a bad stroke. Sometimes Antivert or Benadryl helps. I had it for a couple of days and I took Benadryl and laid down til it subsided.
    Good luck and hope you feel better:heart:
  8. If it's temporary, you can try ginger root capsules available at most health food stores. My Walgreen carries it as well. It helps with both the dizziness and nausea.

    I've had vertigo for the past 34 years now. I didn't find out what was causing it for at least 5 or 6 years of it starting. I was diagnosed by shrinks with everything under the sun until they almost convinced me I was nuts! As luck would have it, I found a good doctor that diagnosed it properly. For me I have two causes: I was in a wreck at age 16 and had a nasty concussion that knocked my balance mechanism out of whack. I also have hypersensitive inner ears and when my allergies go nuts, I'm on my own personal rollercoaster. I even have bouts of it during PMS. I just suck up my medication and put up with it. I'm so succeptible to the spins that I can't EVEN look at video games or certain screensavers without getting dizzy. :wacko:

    Of course the worst case scenario is Meniere's Disease, but it sounds like yours is just a temporary thing, so I wouldn't worry about that unless it persists. If it does, go see an ENT and get it checked.
  9. I get it when I have an ear infection. I can't drive while I have vertigo, once I rear ended my mom's car in the driveway trying to park when I had it. I was CRAWLING too, I just could not judge the distance.
  10. OMG! I woke up for the last two mornings with serious positional vertigo!! It was awful, and most went away when I got out of bed, but majorly unpleasant.

    I wonder if part of it could extreme sensitivity to changing atmospheric pressure: we have had some odd weather in the Bay Area (for this time of year) and my allergies have been a wreck.

  11. I have only had it once in my life a few years back. I have no idea why, I hadn't been sick (or at least not sick enough that I noticed anything),
    but one day got out of the shower and the room was slightly tilting a bit, went to lie down and by that point the room was spinning

    Horrible feeling, luckily mine only lasted a few hours, but I feel sorry for anyone who is experiencing it!
  12. I think mine was cause primarily by dehydration!!

    I read up some on it and tried tanking up on water: next day I was just fine :yes:

    But it was unpleasant!!!
  13. Ok i have to reply to this thread just to share what i went through so that anyone who needs to know more knows that its probably happening to alot of other people and well, just to share a few pointers.

    I woke up one from very violent spinning sensation one fine day, which was about 2 mths plus ago and i thought that i was going to die.
    nothing felt right and everytime there is a slight movement to my head, everytime my eyeball turned , the whole spinning starts again.
    went to the doctor and she prescibed meclizine which knocked me out a fair bit and took away most of the spinning....

    and then, so long as i dun lay on my sides anymre, the vertigo stays where it is.

    went to see a specialist who tld me that what i have is benign positioning vertigo. that simply means an inner ear disorder in order for it to get better, i need to do this set of exercise that will induce the motions that my brain is not familiar with, but supposed to get used to.

    I am sooo afraid of it coming back that i haven slept on my sides for the past 2 mths plus.......

    things are much better now... i dun feel so handicapped anymore and everyday, i am just praying hard that it dun ever come back again.
  14. Vertigo is so bizarre!! Mine is finally starting to subside but I can totally relate Reon :yes
  15. i hope that ur vertigo gets well realli fast and that it dun ever come back!
    ps, remember to get sme antiverts around in case it ever threatens to come back, just pop a pill!