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vertically challenged: tivoli pm or galliera pm?

Nov 5, 2009
Hi, I'm new to tPF and I'm already addicted! I'm torn between getting the tivoli pm or galliera pm. I went to the LV store at Ala Moana yesterday but it was sooooo busy. Mid-day on a holiday = too many tourists buying LVs but I tried on both anyway. I'm still torn... I love the shape of both bags but maybe the galliera pm is too much bag for me? I'm barely 5 ft and 125 lbs. Anyone out there vertically challenged like myself have the galliera pm? I would especially love your input! TIA!

Deathly Sweet

Jan 4, 2009
I'm the same height as you and the galliera did look huge on me at first. It looks fine once you break it in and the canvas softens up, so don't rule it out just yet.

I would go for the galliera though. The tivoli doesn't look good to me when it's worn on the crook of the arm (the bottom is so boxy and sticks out at a weird angle).