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  1. Hi, please don't spam our website. If believe that what you posted isn't spam feel free to contact the Admins.
  2. oy vey.
  3. Spammers suck.:evil:
  4. Uh....welcome to the forum?
  5. whoever comes up with a virtual guard dog for blogs will be a billionaire.
  6. No spam there. I really do believe these are useful sites. You dont?
  7. Uh...... NO! Bye Bye:p
  8. These aren't useful sites...
  9. Hi, please read your original post again ;)
  10. :lol: :lol: Yeah, all those sites are completely useless!
  11. sorry about that then. Helped me find a bag in one spot and to see if a bag was fake. sorry if doesnt work for you.
  12. it looked to be your website possibly - same name as the user name you chose here afterall!
    Also, you linked us to a website we know sells fakes.
  13. You tell 'em SM!!!!!!!
  14. Go swanky! hate spammers!~
  15. who's the spammer now?