verte d'eau (water green) city

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  1. Mine arrived yesterday from Balenciaga, Daphne was Very helpful in picking it out.. & I am Thrilled. I love the colour, it's between seafoam & pistachio, not so yellow as pistachio & a bit different than seafoam. Beautiful soft leather, no cracking lines... I know some have not been loving the shade but I think it's really a classic one. Sorry my camera isn't here ... feeling very bad that I can't post a photo right now... ;)
  2. Congrats Pinkie!!:nuts: Can't wait to see pics later on hopefully!
  3. Congrats:happydance: I'm really looking forward to seing the pics!!!
  4. congrats!!!! Please post some pics.:yahoo:
  5. Congrats - and looking forward to pics from you too! :biggrin:
  6. Ohhh CONGRATS pinkie :flowers: :yahoo: you lucky girl !!! Can't wait to see pics :P
  7. Wow! Congrats and please post pics whenever you can!
  8. Congrats!! would love to see pics.
  9. Thank you ladies... I Love looking at her! This is the best I can do at the moment, it's not as blue/aqua as #2 but deeper than #1, really a bit between the two photos. :rolleyes:

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  10. Thanks for posting pics! It's tricky photographing bbags!
  11. Congrats Pinkie :yahoo: It is gorgeous.:drool:
  12. I am waiting for my vert d'eau twiggy to come in. I hope it looks pretty. I like the 2nd pic. Thanks for posting. I also loooove grass green and french blue:smile:
  13. Beautiful! It will be lovely for spring!
  14. it looks beautiful!

    I have completely changed my mind on this color, I'm really loving it
  15. Merci!!! I love it too!!!:heart: :heart: :heart: