Vert Vertigo vs Malachite, pictures/advice please

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  1. Hi all!

    This is my very first post, I hope everyone and their families are doing well!

    I am on the hunt for a green kelly and am debating between Vert Vertigo and Malachite. I am getting very confused as in some pictures Vert Vertigo looks perfect to me, but then sometimes it looks a bit too green has less blue in it than I think I would like.

    Someone posted the below picture and the center bag is supposes to be Vert Vertigo...the color looks perfect.
    Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 12.19.51 PM.png
    This one as well is advertised as Vert Vertigo and is the shade I would really love
    Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 12.30.28 PM.png

    But then here Vert Vertigo looks a lot greener and less of what I'm looking for in a green
    Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 12.39.11 PM.png

    Malachite is very beautiful but I am wondering if it would be a tad too dark.
    Could owners of Vert Vertigo and Malachite please share their pictures? I know Hermes colors are such chameleons but I would appreciate any advice anyone could give me...I'm hoping people who own these bags could help let me know which color most looks like the shade of green I'm looking for.

    Thank you so much for any feedback! Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 12.19.51 PM.png Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 12.30.28 PM.png Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 12.39.11 PM.png
  2. i have a B in vert vetigo. it's a true shade of green, it's close to the color of grass.
    if you prefer green with a slight blue undertone, go for Malachite.
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  3. That last photo looks like bamboo, not VV.
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  4. Sounds like you'd prefer Malachite or even Menthe.

    VV is more emerald.
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  5. Here is a picture of my vertigo swift B25. Malachite is closer to the main background color of the Twilly tail on the right, I’d say.

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    Malachite (seen here in the Togo Kelly) definitely has blue undertones in it and is a true chameleon color and changeable in the light. The Evelyne PM is in Vert Vertigo in Clemence leather.

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  7. Thank you! Would you say yours looks like the first two pictures I posted?
  8. Yah, I thought so myself, but in some pictures I've seen it VV seems to look greener like this. Maybe it was mislabled. I just know if I bought a Vert Vertigo and I got it and looked liek that shade I would be disapponted
  9. Its so hard. Thank you for your reply...I've even considered Vert Verone, though I feel that shade is super rare
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  10. So So beautiful!!! Everytime I see Vert Vertigo in swift I do love the shade, so it may be that swift brings out the tone I want more...but I'd prefer to get it in Togo or Clemence...just not sure the color will look the same
  11. Wow, both those bags are very beautiful! Is that Evelyn in Vert Vertigo?
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  12. They are both beautiful colors. Malachite is a jewel tone and VV is brighter, clearer green, but still has blue in it. I agree that last bag looks like Bambou to me. Let me see if I can find photos of my Vert Vrtigo Evelyne TPM (I sold it, but only because I had way too many TPMs - it's a very pretty color).
    If I were choosing I'd choose Malachite, but it also depends on the leather. HTH.
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  13. here is my vert vertigo in novillo leather. the color might look slightly different in other leather.
    IMG_9224.jpg novillo.JPG
  14. Not sure if this will help. Unfortunately I don’t own my Vert Vertigo Kelly anymore so cannot do a side by side comparison, but below you will find pics of Vert Vertigo Togo (K) and Malachite Togo (B) that I found on my phone. Vert Vertigo is not a green with a strong yellow touch but certainly is a juicy green. In certain lighting a slight blue undertone will show up. Malachite is a bit more elegant and subdued. Can’t say which one I prefer (didn’t sell the K due to the color which, along with Malachite, remains a favorite of mine). I found both easy to pair with neutrals as well as jewel tones and primary colours. Good luck deciding!
    76E942EA-F6EA-4B94-97F4-AB5B080223E7.jpeg 1E4C032A-DE33-4650-B981-3313D558A14B.jpeg AB9D7041-39CE-4FD8-87B8-5C581E08C4E4.jpeg 2E891D9A-5941-4FFE-88A5-CB50BA59C89C.jpeg 17D53075-5B6E-4316-8D10-3F8960C44FF6.jpeg
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  15. Thank you! Yes, the Evelyne is VV.
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