Vert thyme vs. Dolma

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  1. Hi--Can anyone compare in words and/or pictures Dolma and Vert Thyme? I already have the VT (love it) and am wondering how similar dolma is. Couldn't find a direct compare on the forum. Thanks much!
  2. Dolma is a more varigated color. It is a light sage with a tiny bit of olive in some lights, but has much more silver in the color. Dolma is probably the best example of Balenciaga's complex colors with variations in tone and shade. The VT is reminiscent of the color, and pretty, in my opinion, but lacks that silvery complexity.

  3. Thanks for the color input...I am very tempted to try it and maybe get rid of the VT if they are too close...looks beautiful
  4. If buying from photos be aware of possible fading. It's hard to find one now in original condition. The bag in my photo has long been sold, and I'm very annoyed with my fickleness. :Pullhair:
  5. The color on your (ex) bag is really complex and lovely. Thanks for the fading tip -will make sure I check that out carefully.