Vert Thyme SGH PT & Magenta RH City, Please help me choose...


Vert Thyme SGH PT & Magenta RH City. Which one to keep?

  1. Keep the Vert Thyme SGH Part Time

  2. Keep the Magenta RH City

  3. Return them all and keep looking

  4. Keep both, but your budget will be very tight!

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  1. I just received my 08 Magenta RH City. I also have a Vert Thyme SGH Part Time. Here are their side by side comparison. I had some doubts about the VT PT leather when I first received it, but more I look at it, the more I love it. Now my 08 Magenta RH City arrived. Could you girls help me to choose which one to keep? How do you think the Magenta leather? Is its color saturated enough? TIA!

    08 Vert Thyme SGH PT & 08 Magenta RH City


    Magenta RH City

    Vert Thyme SGH PT




  2. I prefer the City style and I'd say keep the Magenta....
  3. i know i'm not helping but i love them both. It really depends from your closet. wich one is matching better with?
  4. i say keep the RH magenta city, it looks fab, the vert thym's leather seems a bit veiny in the picture, i love the leather of your magenta.
  5. Keep the vert thyme!
  6. vert thyme! And I love the leather. It's NOT white veiny - that's the veiny I can't stand. It's more distressed and bubbly. Love.
  7. i really like the vert thyme....that green from this season is so pretty:smile: my vote's for the green!
  8. The vert thyme is absolutely gorgeous!
  9. I like the magenta's leather better, so I vote for that one!
  10. Today I bought a magenta SGH City so you know which one gets my vote!
  11. i'd say keep the magenta... the color seems really rich and the leather looks great
  12. Keep the Magenta! The color and leather look really great, and it's really been hit-or-miss with this color...if you decide you like magenta later, you may find it hard to find another good color, good leather one.
  13. WOW ... they are BOTH awesome! I went for 08 Magenta though as I just got one myself and it's fabulous! Your's is super saturated with colour ... love it! I think it's more saturated then mine ... I think that it's definitely a keeper! The VT is so pretty though too ... and also great leather. Which colour draws your eye more?
  14. Could you post some closer shots in daylight without flash as well, both front and back? The VT looks good but I'd like to see your Pale Magenta closer! It does look quite saturated and not as crackly in these pics!
  15. Thank you ALL! I will shoot more photos in daylight tomorrow morning and post here. This is my first Magenta bag. 05 & 07 Magenta is too bright for me, but I love 08's Magenta. BalNY told me they call this year's Magenta "Orchid". I think that is a perfect name for this beautiful pink. Let me pray there will have a beautiful daylight tomorrow morning.