Vert Thyme and Pale Magenta Pics

  1. I also got these pics from Kim. Pale magenta work w/ GGH and THyme PT w/ Sgh. The thyme is so pretty..... Dh is ready to kill me or I would get it too.

  2. HMMM. That GSH isn't speaking to me on the thyme...

    Thanks for the pics Shasta!
  3. ^-- same here- I'd rather get it in RH or GGH b/c of the undertones.

    Either way- this is a very pretty green!!
  4. Exactly Alaska! I love the color and I'm relieved that I'll get off with a less expensive RH bag!
  5. What lovely colors. I want them both, no surprise!
  6. Thyme with ggh is much nicer, I `m in on that one.
  7. i luuuuuuuuuuuuurve that vert thyme. i want it in a Day. i have no money, but i want that in a Day.
  8. Oh my - that Thyme leather color is gorgeous.
  9. Oh, I'm really, really digging the VT with the SGH!!!!!:drool:

    Both are gorge, thanks for posting the pics!:tup:
  10. Shasta, I just got my VT with SGH and it's beautiful! No picture that I take seems to capture the color, and I've tried in all lights. It has a brightness to it I didn't expect (not like vert gazon, though) and is really pretty and neutral but not drab at all. Sort of like a beautiful leaf.
  11. rollergirl, please take pictures of your VT with and without flash, indoor, outdoor, i want to see more pictures of this color, please, please
  12. Me too Rollergirl! That sounds so pretty! WHere did your avatar go BTW?
  13. I'll select some of the ones I uploaded when I was home with the bag and post them. It's sort of overcast today, and all were indoor pics in rooms with lots of windows and light, no flash. I'll try that when I get home. The leather is really nice and not veiny, just distressed. I got a Petal Pink day that is also really nice but toally different. This may be my favorite green yet.
  14. rollergirl would you mind describing how the color of VT looks like?

    is it more dark green? Or is it sage? is a concentrated color or more washed out/dusty color?

    From the pics in the forum, it looks very dark green. Almost like vert foret.

  15. I am so in love with Vert Thyme!! :love: