Vert Thyme and Pale Magenta pics!!!

  1. And, yes, Vert Thyme is drop dead gorgeous. I got these pics from Daphne at BalNY just now. She was incredibly sweet and friendly and immediately sent me these pics as soon as I requested them.

    Presenting: Vert Thyme Work and Pale Magenta City!
    vert thyme work resised.JPG pale magenta city resised.JPG
  2. Wow I really like that pale magenta.
  3. WOW I am in love with the magenta city. I want one.
  4. I love magenta!!
  5. wow! so fast! the Magenta is gorgeous too!
  6. Hmm they both look somewhat washed out to me, and a bit veiny :sad: IMHO!!
  7. Uh-Oh.........I was secretly hoping that I would not like any of the new colors coming out....that way my bank account could recover some from my recent splurges. such luck. I see a Vert Thyme in my future, and the Magenta is certainly a possibility.
  8. Vert tyme is very pretty!
  9. Oh, I love the vert thyme! Hope I get the call about my city!
  10. I think I can pass on the Magenta. I just don't know how strong I am when it comes to the Sage, which I adore! Can't you just see a Part Time with giant silver hardware? UGH! My NY resolution is to be financially responsible...but the Vert Thyme is calling my name...
  11. OMG! Thank you sooo much for posting! :heart: These are 2 colors I want to get!!! Especially love the vert thyme!!! OHHHH~ magenta is so pretty too but I'm all over the vert thyme for sure!!!!:love:
  12. I like the vert thym too! Pretty. I'm going to have to try to resist and focus on baby stuff for a while, though. The magenta doesn't kill me - a bit too veiny. I don't like it as much as the other, less pale magentas.

  13. Well heck - that's no fun! :graucho:
  14. :heart::heart::heart::heart:magenta is sooo lovely :heart::heart::heart::heart:
    thanks for posting it!!!
  15. THANK U Aerynna:flowers:!! Nooooooo...What disappointment this green...:blah:!Instead Magenta seems beautiful!