Vert Olive Leather-- Yes or No?

  1. Hi gals! I'm asking for your opinions on the Vert Olive color. Do you like it enough to own a bag in this color?
  2. Abso*uckinlutely! Very interesting color.
  3. I personally think this color is stunning! Why not! It is understated, elegant, versatile, and if it looks good with your coloring, it is a treat! Unfortunately, I cannot pull off this color, but i certainly admire it on others!

    BUT what do YOU Love???
  4. ^^^ Ditto!
  5. I love it! Check out Shopmom's new Kelly 28. Beautiful.
  6. Oh hell yes!!!!! I'm still dreaming of a 25cm Kelly in Vert Olive Box with Yellow stitching and GH! awww,... so Classy Sporty!
  7. Heck, yes! I wouldn't buy it if I only had one bag to buy, though, as I tend to think of olive as more of a fall/winter color, but that's just me.
  8. Im being offered a Kelly as well... and well I am not really much of an olive color fan (although i love eating olives hahaha D-uh). hmm im pretty pale so i might not look good with this color... but if i had a darker skin tone, i think it would've looked fab! Ill go checkout that kelly of shopmom!
  9. OH yes!!!!!
  10. is olive a pretty neutral color like the camel (gold) color?
  11. Yes for others but not for me :smile: I love it on shopmom, but honestly, it's not my color :flowers: It would have clashed with everything I wear... :push:
  12. Love the color. I think it is a great neutral.
  13. I adore this color but I just sold a bag I had in V.O because I tend to love neutrals so much I wear a lot of khaki, grey, green, and the bag just blended in too much with my wardrobe so if you're planning to use a V.O bag all the time, I'd say consider what you wear before making the plunge
  14. Here I am and here's my new baby......

    28cm Vert Olive Retourne with Palladium hardware in Clemence.

    I wear tons of jeans, black, brown, tan, white and Vert Olive goes with all of it. I think it's a fantastic neutral that adds a bit of interest and "color" to every outfit.

    And here's the story behind it......

    At the store, I was offered two bags. 28cm Chocolate Box Retourne and this Vert Olive. My friend knew in a hot minute that the Vert Olive was perfect....I knew 20 seconds later it was going home with me. My exact words were something like, "Oh My God! LOOK at this color! It's gorgeous!) And you know how much I love BOX Calf!!!!!! I passed on BOX calf for this little beauty. Actually, even though I LOVED it immediately, I walked around the store with it for a while before deciding because, like you, I just wasn't sure the color was "neutral" enough for me, that it would go with my lifestyle, wardrobe, etc.

    But finally I realized that it WAS perfect, that it WOULD go with everything, that the leather was fantastic for everyday and not only did I buy it but I WORE it out the store!!!!! I used her every single day while I was in NY and I've used it every day here at home. And this is the testament to how versatile it really is because in NY I dressed much nicer than here in Alaska where the Birkinstocks reign supreme and sweatclothes are the order of the day!

    I'll post pics later today in various clothes so you can see how versatile this color is.....but for she is.
  15. Love the color, saw it on a 30 cm birkin a couple of months ago and wanted it soooo bad. It would have been mine if it was a 35