Vert Laurier?

  1. Anyone seen anything in this in real life yet? I've seen quite a bit of Mykonos, but nothing in Laurier. I had my heart set on a Birkin in Laurier, but was told by the SA that they wouldn't be making any in that color/leather (evergrain). Of course I'm beyond happy with what I got instead (black Togo), but I can't stop thinking about that green. . .
  2. Does anyone have anything in this vert? I would love to see it.
  3. Hmm me to as a green leather fan I would love to see it .
  4. The swatch was to die for, such an amazing forest green. I almost burst into tears when she said they wouldn't be making a Birkin out of it. I think she took pity on me and that's the only reason why I came home with my black beauty : )
  5. I believe it was available at the last podium and it did not do well. I'm not sure what was offered, but I have found that most SAs in the US and Europe have never even seen it. Laurier was only offered in Evergrain, I believe. A true Hunter Green.
  6. It was a S/S 2011 I believe and in the swatch below it is the dark green color. It is in Evergrain and also in Grizzly. I do not know about availability etc.
    ss11 swatches.jpg
  7. hi
    my friend got this bag today
    here is a small pic of it
    vert laurier.JPG
  8. LVChelseaGirl, I went into H with not a single preconceived idea of wanting a green birkin. I was waiting for a BJ or etoupe and was shown a green. It was love at first sight and my 8 yr old DD said "she'll take it!!". I can see why you can't stop thinking of green. Good luck.
  9. yes I got one too here in B 30....
  10. Holy smokes! I NEED it!
  11. I love this!! Smart girl; that'll be my DD in a few years!
  12. andi thanks for posting! do you by any chance happen to know what leather is your firend's bag? Hard to tell from the photo. Thank you!
  13. I think Laurier was also offered in Epsom.
  14. I've seen just one birkin in Laurier - a 35 in evergrain...
  15. Oh, my heart aches for this bag!!! I know DH will have my head if I even mention the words "another Birkin". But this green was meant to be mine. . . My friends always called forest green "Laura green" (after me), and now H is available in Vert Laurier. Close enough to make me believe it's meant to be.

    Congrats Good Life, and your little one has amazing taste! Can I ask was it out? Or did you ask to see it? I feel like Vert Laurier has reached mythical status, and I'll never actually see it in real life.