Vert Impression - What Would You Wear It With?

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  1. I totally thought the same thing too when I saw the Vert Impression! I could never get away with this bag because of my blondie-blonde hair. The Gris Art Deco is totally more wearable and Vert Impression is definitely better for SLGs.
  2. I think it will be a harder colour to match, but could look good with white/ivory/cream or black. If you wear a lot of these colour then it may work for you.
  3. I'd wear it with a plain T-shirt (white, black, gray or other neutral color) and jeans :smile:
  4. I would totally wear this with white x black combo exclusively. (Most likely white top x white pants / skirt)
    I saw this on the website and gagged too, BUT when I saw her IRL she was VERY gorgeous!

    The colour on the website makes it look like it has much more of a yellow undertone in comparison to IRL...

    It's such a feminine pastelly colour!
    I hope you get it in this colour :heart:
    I would love to see a reveal! ^_^
  5. I went to the store yesterday to look for a Wilshire in it, but they didn't have it. No items in VI. I'm really curious since I love the color on the website. I went for a Wilshire in BN instead but I'm hoping for something small in VI.

    I think a VI would look great with a pair of bluejeans and a white shirt, or perhaps a black or purple dress. I can think of a lot to wear it with.
  6. Jeans, Grey, Black or White.
  7. it goes with all colors
  8. i think it can go with a lot of summery colors (i don't see it with pink though) and neutral colors. but personally, i wouldn't go for a green bag.