Vert Impression - What Would You Wear It With?

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  1. #1 Jan 29, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2010
    Went into LV today to specially look at the Rose Florentin (which I liked :biggrin:) - also what caught my eye was a Wilshire Blvd in Vert Impression. Looking at this colour on the website, it just didn't appeal, but seeing it IRL in the WB style - it was like very very cute!

    So I was thinking as I was driving home, such an unusual colour and what would you wear it with? I most probably will not be buying anything in Vert Impression (well, I guess never say never, the WB and SLGs were very tempting;)) but just for interest, what colour in clothes would you wear to complement a VI bag?

    P.S. Woohoo! Just noticed :party: It's my 500th post!!!
  2. Wear it with pastels for pop of color! Crisp whites or clean basic blacks!
  3. This is interesting. I like this colour too but guess it is not easy to put many outfits with this color.
  4. Can you describe the color more? On the screen, it is very unappealing to me.
    I was hoping to love it because I want another agenda and I was thinking vernis.
  5. It's unusual - definately not lime green or pastel, perhaps more towards an "avocado" green?

    I know what you mean about unappealing! I never even gave it a brief thought from seeing the colour on the website. But when I saw it today IRL it was really lovely! I think in SLG or an agenda it would look fabulous! Whereas the Rose Florentin definately didn't look anything in SLGs, too bland & boring.
  6. I hope they release an agenda in Vert Impression because it would look so good together with my bright red zippy wallet :tender:
  7. So Elliespurse - are you also suggesting that a Vert wallet/coin purse/some small accessory would look perfect with my Pomme WB? :graucho::graucho::graucho: LOL
  8. ^Yes I think that would be wonderful! :graucho: The animal coin purses also have Vert and red/Pomme pieces together and it looks great too!
  9. ..totally black!
  10. Black, Grey, or dark denim would be my top choices. I think dark subtle colors would highlight the beautiful color of the bag.
  11. I saw the Vert Impression in person the other day too and I am intrigued by its color. I agree the color is really hard to describe but I think it would look nice with a solid color shirt over jeans and let the VI do its job! :biggrin:

    I was thinking about getting it in the ZCP... I think any SLG in VI will look good in your Pomme Wilshire blvd!! :graucho:
  12. vert impression is a very cute and spring looking colour, but matching it with outfits is an issue.
  13. It's a pretty color, but I would have nothing to go with it. Now the Gris (grey) - that's gorgeous!
  14. From everyone's replies, it seems I'm not the only one with the "what to wear with Vert Impression" problem......hmm I think it might only have to be a wallet, if anything LOL.....charleston-mom yes the gris is gorgeous too (I saw that one), especially in the Alma, stunning! I didn't like it though in the Wilshire Blvd.
  15. I think it's a very delicate colour, particularly suitable for those warm and sunny days of spring and why not?summer!..I'd wear it with a total black or white outfit...I don't think it's difficult to find something to match with; the most important thing is to balance the colours and to be as simple as possible..