Vert Gazon

  1. does anyone know where I could find a coin purse or wallet?

  2. I would call BalNY and see if they could locate you one!
  3. I called them today and forgot to ask. I am going to have to remember that for Monday. I hope they have something.
  4. What about a vert gazon day w/ rh?? Are there any left :crybaby:(preferably in the UK)??
  5. I havent seen one, but if I hear anything, I will let you know. They will be in the US though.
  6. Barneys NEW YORK in Madison has the Vert Gazon Coin purse
    they also have the Le Compagnon $525 in Grass green

    if they are sold out...try

    Barneys Copley Place
    Barneys Chestnut Hill

    both stores had the Grass Green coin purse at one point.
  7. Thank you so much!!

    I am going to call those places today on my lunch break.
  8. Thanks again. I called all places and they are sold out!!!

    This stinks, I just want the color!!