Vert Gazon vs. Green Apple

  1. I've seen vert gazon IRL, but not green apple. Does anyone own both to show a pic of side by side comparison? What does everyone think of vert gazon?
  2. From pics, green apple and Vert Gazon and very bright but green apple is much ligher, sort of like Granny Smith apple. I have a few pics saved, need to look...
  3. ok, here is my Vert Gazon up close and also apple green I had saved from the forum pics. You can see the color difference.
    IMGP0478.JPG AppleGreen First.JPG
  4. I think apple green is slightly darker than that picture. Here is a pic of my classique which is slightly darker.
    apple green classique.jpg
  5. Fabulous color! :drool: :drool: :drool: You are so lucky to have it!!!
  6. Yup this is more like the actual color... I :heart: apple green and your bag looks AMAZING ;)
  7. Yesterday I saw the vert gazon the first time IRL. I´ve fallen in love with this color :heart: :heart: It´s such a rich bright color.
  8. I usually hate green (could have something to do with the fact that my school uniform was green), but I really love the apple green. Makes me kinda hungry!
  9. I used to dislike green, and when I first saw Apple Green in the store, maybe it was the lighting or something, but I was really put off by the color then. I actually recoiled physically....but now I'm growing to appreciate green more in my bag closet....Vert D'eau was a brave step for me, and then I started to lust after Vert Gazon, and now APPLE GREEN!!!! :nuts: It's so citrus and fresh .....they catching onto me almost like a virus :lol: It would be perfect if someone has all 3 greens and post us some pics so we can drool....
  10. ^^^ Oh yes, I'm sure somebody here owns the two or even better the three of them. I would loooove so much to see them in the same picture. I just own apple green, so my pics would be pretty useless