Vert Gazon Twiggy

  1. does anyone know where i can get it?! ALOHARAG doesn't have it! i don't know where else to go!
  2. i really want that twiggy. does anyone know? i just got the new catalog from aloharag and there are still alot of last season's stuff left, u guys know when they will have more of the new colors in original hardware? ESPECIALLY the vert gazon?
  3. Barney's boston had one (I was told)...I recently saw one on eBay listed by "hgbags" it has since sold, but I know hgbags sometimes gets these bags for overseas buyers and adds a small mark up. It's great for Aussie girls like me!
  4. I think that hgbags is supposed to get more vert gazon in too. I emailed Aloha Rag about one week ago and they said to expect an update of their inventory in early February.
  5. ^^ really?.. i got the new inventory already, they updated it around the 26th of january.. i asked if that's all they have and i got a response saying we only have teh vert gazon on the giant, and i looked at the inventroy there's only 2 new colors .. and vert gazon has the big gold hardware.. i just want the twiggy!
  6. Did you try calling Bal in NY??
  7. Try BalNY and your local Nieman Marcus. They might have them. Good luck on your search!