Vert Gazon? Still around?

  1. So i've been lusting for this color for a while now - but I keep putting it off as I have other pressing financial concerns right now.

    So can this color (city style) still be found in stores? Should I get it now, or do you guys think i'll be able to find one down the road?
  2. I think they do pop up on eBay from time to time. I bought mine through eBay seller "Personal Shoppers" and she always finds the odd VG to sell...
  3. I thought I saw some at BalNY last week. Give them a call to be sure though. I know I saw VG something :confused1:
  4. The Nordies in Sac has a PT and a first in VG if you change your mind about the city style!!
  5. I just don't know if I should suck it up and pay retail now. I'd hate to pay OVER retail later.
  6. It was a popular color, and I think that resale prices will stay close to retail in the upcoming months. You may find one for slightly below retail later on, or you can get a brand-new one at retail now - and recover your expenses later if you change your mind.
    Knowing I can re-sell and not lose too much helps me make decisions ;)
  7. Try NM stores...
  8. I am with you, beauxgoris. Vert Gazon is my HG color but I haven't been able to find one without the gh. I have purchased 2 bbags this month already and can't afford any more for a couple of months but I love love the color.
  9. I am going to move this to the shopping sub...

    But Aloha Rag has a VG First available.

    I came very close to buying it :yes:
  10. ^^This is me too. I want a VG city with REG. hardware. If anyone see's one at a NM (my first choice due to their return policy) PLEASE LMK!

    :flowers: :flowers:
  11. There was a vert gazon city at my NM!!! Call Lisa Hamlin (248) 635-8442!
  12. I know they had a vert gazon day at Blake in Chicago (it's an authorized Balenciaga retailer). not sure if they had the city but you should call and check...(312) 202-0047
  13. I just went to RealDealCollection's site as I wanted to check out the Truffle Work referenced in another thread- she has one in VG, a City, that looks absolutely amazing!
  14. Isn't that one already sold, though? It needs to not have the "add to cart" button ... programming bug. ;)
  15. I saw it today at Balenciaga bontique in LA.