Vert Gazon Shoulder - And some Balenciaga Sacrilege *Pic*

  1. I have committed an act of B-bag sacrilege, guys! Just hope it's not too terrible! :push: I thought I'd post the alterations in case anyone else finds the fit of their Shoulder bag a little tight and wants to extend it for evening use or as a messenger bag: :smile: :smile:


  2. :nuts: I love that idea!!! Looks great with the Shoulder!!! :yes:
  3. looks great on you. thanks for the post!
  4. OMG Spiral that look sooooo cute on you! I love that mini messenger Chanel-esque version...
    I'm sure it's a look everyone will be dying to copy.:nuts:
  5. Thank you guys! :shame: :p

    I wasn't sure if it looked okay, so I wanted to get your input. Feeling good now!
  6. Ingenious. I like creative people.:yes:
  7. I really like it! Looks really cute! :yes:
  8. I REALLY like this idea! Super cute and creative!:idea:
  9. Adorable! I really love it!
  10. I love it! I don't find it sacrilegious at all!
  11. I love the idea too; it really adds to the versatility of the bag. May I ask where you found the chain? TIA
  12. Thanks everyone! :smile: I was so afraid it would look lame or something.

    Chuggie you can use any silver chain that's the length you want. I got this one at Burlington Coat Factory for $7 bucks. It was originally a belt, but a necklace would probably work as well.

    Well now that my bag has Incoral's stamp of approval, I feel like I can safely rock it in public. :p :p

    One more pic. Oscar the Grouch attacks!

  13. That looks awesome! I wish they offered the "long chain strap" as an looks adorable and functional at the same time!
  14. Oooh I can just imagine a whole bunch of gals sporting their shoulders this'll be the innovator of this whole SHOULDER with longer strap movement! lol
  15. That looks awesome! I especially love it in the vert gazon. I think I want a shoulder now.