Vert Gazon seeker!

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  1. Please help me find something, anything in Vert Gazon!!! Thanks everyone!
  2. KDC have u tried Bal NY? Think chpwhy ordered a VG City from them a few weeks back. GL!
  3. Thanks everyone, I always wanted to try BalNY for these special things but they charge me USD70 for international shipping and they refuse to undervalue...So after customs fees & charges I am slugged with another $300-odd on top of the cost. No good for me...

    Thanks Jira, I ended up buying the Giant VG Hobo that was on ebay. Something a little different anyway. My ideal VG would have been a GH City:graucho: I have never had a Hobo before. It will be a refreshing change for me...

    Chinkee...I have owned a VG Work & Makeup in the past. I didn't use the Makeup enough to justify keeping it. I just don't use the accessories so I sold them all. The leather on the VG Work was very average. It was rough and scaly in places and not very smooshy at all! I sold that after a month. I have never lost the love though.