Vert Gazon or pine?

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  1. Okay, so pine looks nice, but will I regret not getting VG in a city instead? My winter wardrobe is so dark that I am concerned that pine will be way to dark. I think that VG would work year round. If I get VG though, then do I sell My AG? Honest opinions please!
  2. I vote for VG!! The colour is vibrant but not brassy!! IMO it is definitely a year round colour...I have AG in a first and the matelasse in VG and they are very different colours, so it wouldn't be a bad thing to keep both! :pThe Pine is kind of a mix between the sapin and emerald, a much more muted colour, very pretty though!! It's a tough decision..hope this helped a little! :heart:
  3. i vote for pine.

    You already have the AG which looks fab and will spruce up your winter wardrobe. Although i love VG, pine would make a great additon to your collection.
  4. Shasta, you gotta do VG. I carried mine today and it's such a great color. Well, you know, you had the mu clutch. Anyway, the AG and VG are very different imo, so you could get away with having both. Just think of the gorgeous collection of colors you're going to have.........TDF!:smile:
  5. I love the pine! I just saw it in the other thread for the first time. It sort of reminds me of emerald green in a way.
  6. PINE :drool: :drool: :drool:
  7. VERT GAZON ALL THE WAY!!!:yahoo: I've been wearing mine ever since I got her and it's a beautiful color to have year-round!:yes: Just like what Goldillock would say, not too light and not too dark, this color is just right.:p
  8. I think it depends on your colouring.

    I got a VG Giant hobo and it just didn't work with my blonde hair (not to say that it wouldn't work with blonde hair, just not my paricular shade of blonde)

    I never had a bag that didn't work with my hair...sounds strange I know, but it really clashed.

    I think the Pine would work with any colouring, kwim?
  9. [​IMG]

    Here's my VG work to help with your decision (LOL)!
  10. Gorgeous Leather KDC! Amazing.
  11. Well, Shasta, you didn't seem so excited after you got your HG, apple green. If you want vert gazon instead, go for that. I think you like bright colors like me, so pine may be too dark for you. Just a thought.:smile:
  12. Go for the Vert Gazon and keep the AG. I think Pine is too dark and it is not multi tonal, it is like a green black hole, whereas Vert Gazon has more shades of greens and is so lively!
  13. VG is my #1 green for sure. It's so versatile and just plain gorgeous. The freshest color ever made, IMO. But if it's dark and neutral you want, of course get Pine. That way you'd have greens on both ends of the spectrum. VG is right in between.
  14. I like pine too! I always go for deeper darker colors.
  15. Shasta - I rock for VG....i rec'd my VG MU clutch, it's FAB~~