Vert Gazon or Natural Totally diff, but which to get?


VG or Natural?

  1. VG city w/ rh

  2. Natural city w/ rh

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  1. Okay... yeah "my name is Shasta and I am addicted to Balenciaga"

    Okay here is the dilemma should I get a natural city or VG? Which ever one I choose it would be w/ rh

    This is what I have if this helps:

    FB city, VD city, VIF city, truffle city, Black city, BI coin purse, VG clutch.

  2. since you already have a VG clutch, i'd say go for the natural city! i think it's a nice complement to the rest of your colorful bbags. :smile:
  3. [​IMG]
  4. oops meant to put that in the other thread..... i love VG though!
  5. Looking at your existing colours I vote for Natural.
  6. The Natural would be more of a contrast to your other bags, but I can tell from your collection that you love hign impact color, so I would say go for the Vert Gazon, because it is such a standout shade. Love this color!
  7. Even though I adore VG, I voted for natural. You've got some colors so go for a neutral now and then get the VG in another 8 days......;)
  8. I say VG - you seem to have the same love I do for bright colours, and VG is my 3rd favourite colour (after AG and 05 Turq) ever! Plus, if I was going for a neutral colour from recent collections I'd choose greige or sandstone.
  9. vg looks prettier to me
  10. Both are VERY pretty but I voted for Natural since you have some brighter colors already and you can practically wear this color with everything! CONGRATS I wish I was LUCKY girl!:yahoo:
  11. I agree.VG is:drool:
  12. I love VG, but I feel that Natural is more wearable. Plus you already have two cool-colored bags in your collection, so adding another might be redundant.

    Natural is extremely elegant-looking!
  13. :p Now that I am leaning towards natural, I can't find one. Doesn't that just figure. Someone sell me their natural city, please.:p
  14. You may have to look overseas. Try and Good luck!
  15. I agree with English Girl. You seem to like the vivid colors (as do I), so I'd go for the VG. In fact, that's my next quest (hopefully not any time soon since I'm proud of my paying off bills right now).