Vert Gazon or Juane Twiggy

  1. Yea I procrastinated.....anyone tell me who has them in stock as of today????
  2. jaune twiggy is impossible to find right now.. I've been calling everywhere
  3. I emailed AR last month about their Twiggy stock and they had Vert Gazon but then again that was last month :shame:. It's worth a try to call them.
  4. Thanks all!! I'm guessing another round of juane is going to come in since there has only been one round so far!
  5. I called AR today, asking about if they have Jaune Twiggy on the way. I was told they will have a few more Violet, not Jaune.:crybaby::crybaby:. I forgot asking about VG. They may have it.
  6. Twiggers, I think AR still has the Vert Gazon, cause they had a few last week when I got mine. (I know I'm repeating myself. lol) Give them a ring, they are still there because of the time difference. =)
  7. I emailed them and got this reply regarding juane and vert gazon:

    Dear Naomi,

    Thank you for your email. Unfortunately we sold out in the Jaune Twiggy and
    will not be restocking the item. We currently have the following in the

    Twiggy $1095—Black, White, Plomb, Tabac, Vert Fonce, Bleu, Mastic, Vert
    Deau, Anthracite

    If you have any further questions, please let us know.

    Aloha Rag Customer Support I'm totally ticked off ARG....why did I procrastinate and get busy this week!
    So now I'm on a total prowl for these....I know Neiman's & Barneys doesn't carry I've got to try other places!
  8. I feel your frustration. I thought I had one (jaune twiggy) yesterday when I called AR, but they had already sold it (GRRRRRRRR). This twiggy hunting is turning out to be so much harder than I thought!
  9. I hear ya girl!!!! I'm actually going to have to start calling around now. And we know NM & Barneys don't carry twiggys (which sucks)!

    I guess BalNY is the next logical place to call! UGH!