Vert Gazon or Juane...HELP!!!!


Which One Should I Buy?

  1. Vert Gazon Twiggy

  2. Juane Twiggy

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  1. OK....I'm spending the last of this week's funds on one of these twiggys.

    And this is it for about 2-3 weeks (at which time I can buy either the remaining one or hold out for an '05 twiggy)....

    Which one???


    Green: I go to Notre it's great for school spirit. Don't wear a lot of greens...but do wear a lot of purples/blues

    Juane: Great for fall. Pretty much would 'go' with just about any color (blues, purples, greys, blacks). Better leather than S/S?

    ACK...I freakin' hate dilemmas!
  2. I'll vote for Juane~ since it will go with more!!!
  3. Twiggers, this is an amazingly difficult choice!! ....but I vote Jaune in the end, cos you'd get more mileage out of it. Altho VG's leather is consistently better, some Jaunes can be too distressed/veiny for my liking...
  4. I vote Vert Gazon. I still maintain that the Juane is beautiful, but the type of bag that stays in the closet instead of seeing the light of day.

    (am totally open to being proved wrong;))
  5. I have both. I like Jaune lot but my Vert Gazon First is my most exquisite bag. I think you should buy the VG Twiggy and then acquire clothes to go with it if you need to. VG is an amazing colour and the leather is excellent.
  6. Ohhhh good point...and another issue since I'd be likely buying either one of them sight-unseen (from AR...although BalNY does have juane and maybe would send me a pic)!

    My violet is the veiniest I own...and I don't mind it so long as the leather is thick and smooshy!
  7. wow, what a dilema? i personally am on a look out for a jaune b/c of my school too. but tell me this, out of all the colors that bal has come out with have you seen other greens and yellows that you also love? i ask this because for me personally, i have seen some lovely greens in the past and likely future. i don't seem to have liked any of the yellows therefore my decision to get jaune. just my opinion! :smile:
  8. i vote vert gazon...
    i hardly ever see these bags around, and i think it's going to harder to find later on...
    you'll probably be able to find a jaune twiggy in a few weeks...
  9. I vote for Jaune
  10. another vote for Juane :wlae:
  11. voted for juane. just saw cityoflights modeling pics and she looks just amazing with this bag. the color is so striking and goes with a lot.:tup:
  12. N i vote for jaune---i think it will go with so much more that VG and is really such a great color!
  13. JUANE:heart: :tup:
  14. another vote for Jaune here... I think its more versatile and will match more than the VG and coz I'm more a yellow bag girl than a green bag girl (for now!)
  15. JAUNE!!!:tup: As much as I love Vert Gazon, it's a bit more difficult to wear IMO. That is cool you go to Notre parents wanted me to go there so badly but I ended up going to MI instead!