Vert Gazon or Aqua???


Vert Gazon or Aqua???

  1. RH Vert Gazon

  2. RH Aqua

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  1. I sold a couple of things on eBay, so I can get one bag - which one???

    aqua w/ regular hardware
    vert gazon w/ regular hardware

    style will either be PT or city....
  2. My vote is for vert gazon w/rh...
  3. you had VG before and didn't like it right?

    I still think Teal for you as long as you get a color close to the PT that you had
  4. It was bright, but every stinking picture I see of it looks awesome! Maybe the first? Not as much brightness??? That being said, I saw it in the brief at BNY, and I was drawn to it.

    I keep hearing that the aqua w/ RH is not the same as with GH. I guess I'll wait and see IRL....

  5. lol! it is pretty bright but I love it.
  6. I love both colors......I voted for aqua because I like vert gazon in a first rather than the city.
  7. I know...I have heard the same thing. It seems like Aqua with GH is different than with RH but I still say go with AQUA!!!!!!!!
  8. I voted Vert Gazon.
  9. I saw a Vert Gazen PT w/RH at my NM the other day and it was really pretty. :yes: Since i was not so impressed by the Aqua w/RH i will vote for the Vert Gazon. :wlae:
  10. My Vote is Aqua
  11. Aqua :smile:
  12. That's a hard one. I think both would be wonderful choices. I'd go for Aqua on the PT and VG in the City...
  13. I vote aqua..BUT Nordies in sac has a BEAUTIFUL Vert Gazon PT w/ RH and a Vert Gazon first too, I think they only have one first left because a couple of weeks ago they had two..the PT is really pretty, they just put it on the shelf too. When you receive the aqua city make up your mind, I thought the cities (remember I got one) in aqua were absolutely stunning but I orginally wanted a Vert Gazon too and contemplated the VG Sarah and have her hold it, I think she can for like two days or so..
  14. i voted vert gazon.

    i was in Barneys today, and the aqua w/ gh looked more 05 turquoise while the aqua rh was looking more blue india, so they do seem a bit different. i saw a vert gazon RH next to an aqua RH, and the vert gazon won hands down.
  15. I haven't seen either IRL.
    But from pics I've seen the Vert Gazon seems to be more a POP of colour, while the aqua ia gorgeous but perhaps a little more subtle.
    Which would you be most comfortable with?

    I'm voting Vert Gazon!