Vert gazon madness - which is the keeper?

  1. Obviously, I don't need two Vert Gazon bags. Yet somehow I've managed to end up with two in spite of my best intentions. I ordered the RH city first, but I've only carried it once or twice since I'm not much of a City girl. Then I fell in love with the GH day ( thanks Katie Holmes!) and decided I had to have that and that I would sell my RH city. But after taking pictures of the RH city I started falling in love with that one again. Which is the keeper? The day style looks better on me, but I prefer the leather on the city. Hmmmm. Any advice? One of them has to go. Really. I can't use the "Oh honey, it's the same bag" ploy with the hardware difference.

    The VG sisters:[​IMG]



  2. Both are gorgeous bags, and the colour is divine, but I personally prefer the City style. :smile:
  3. Well, if you don't like the city style and you like how the day looks on you better, I'd keep the day.
  4. For me, it's easy, because while I'm a lover of the Day with GH, I'm so strongly not a fan of veinier looking leather that it's the city I vote for. Not even close. The leather on the city is really nice looking, too.
  5. Both gorgeous. I'd keep the Day since you love how it looks on you. You will get more use out of it.
  6. city i think, but the day is amazing...sorry i am not a great help here:shrugs:
  7. I would keep the city because I like that style and the leather on it better. However, if you are aren't using the city, then I would sell it. No sense in keeping it in the closet. That baby wants to get out!
  8. If the Day looks nicer on you and you'll wear it more, keep that one. The leather will break into less veiny with time and love.

    The leather on your VG City is so smooth, I'm sure it will sell really fast b/c a lot of girls like it that way.
  9. I like the city. I love the GH with the VG but the City has yummy leather. Good luck with your decision, it's a tough one.
  10. The Day is TDF!!! Keep it!! :drool: :drool: :drool:
  11. I think it's a tough choice because both the day and the city are very stylish, practical and cool sizes, but because of the hardware, if you absolutely MUST only keep one I'd go with the city!
  12. that's a tough one. Based on those pictures I would say the city, but having seen the Katie Holmes bag, and if you had put that picture or your city I would have said the day. Is there any way you can get a better leather day? If so, I would go that route. Having just ordered a GH city myself, I'm crossing my fingers the leather isn't "mottly"
  13. DAY. You can always get a CITY in green later. But the GH Day Vert Gazon is SO CHIC!:smile:
  14. My preferance is the city, but if that style is not your preferance, sell both of them and get the VG day in rh. Those tend to be less veiny. You get make a great sell on either one on eBay! They are both great, let us know what you decide.
  15. keep the day it is SO pretty!