Vert Gazon madness revisited!

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  1. Remember back when I had a Vert Gazon RH City and a Vert Gazon GH Day? And then I sold the city? Well, not ever being able to leave well enough alone, I then purchased a VG Day with RH, just in case it was "The One". Turns out she was! I agonized for a good while, not wanting to carry either of the bags until I'd decided which was the keeper, but once I carried her I was totally smitten. I still think the GH Day is the more striking of the two, but the RH Day is just more "me". Here they are posing together. You can tell who won my heart because I already bought her jewelry.:love:

    Strangely, the RH looks smoother in the picture than in real life (I don't like my b-bags too smooth) and the GH looks more distressed than in real life. I'm not a very good photographer - they are both lovely. The VG RH Day is my baby, though. I love her so!

  2. Wow, they look really different. It is interesting to see how shades can vary even among bags that are supposed to be the same color.

    They are both TDF, though. Fresh and vibrant!!!
  3. Congrats on finding "the one!" Lovely bag, lovely color!
  4. Yeah, the leather on the two is very different. The color is more similar than it appears in the photo - I took a ton of pix and couldn't get one that was quite right. In real life, they look more like true sisters than they do here.
  5. Great color....:heart:
  6. Love em, love the skull charm!
  7. I love VG. Congrats on finding the perfect bbag.
  8. Your Vert Gazons are :drool::drool:Enjoy them.:yahoo:
  9. Both of your VG leather are so different.. but are also TDF! :tup::heart: Enjour your new baby..
  10. yumm. makes me want something vert gazon.
  11. Very interesting! Thanks for the great post. I love VG! I think your have made the right decision. The RH is stunning!
  12. I love the leather esp the bag with RH as i have one in MU clutch and it's the same leather as yours and i love her so much coz the leather is so smooshy....:smile:
  13. I really like the leather on the GH one, has a lot of character, plus I am definitely a GH addict:smile:
  14. I've been salivating over the VG day with either hardware. They're beautiful!
  15. Beautiful bags. VG is such a great color.