Vert Gazon is still out there!

  1. Balenciaga accessories are getting the best of me.

    After receiving my magenta makeup this week I realized a smallish wallet would be great when I use this as a clutch for going out. Well what would look better inside my new black work (hasn't arrived yet)
    along with my:

    Magenta makeup, sky blue makeup, truffle cp & violet wallet??

    A VERT GAZON COIN WALLET! Woo hoo, just found one at Saks. Should be here mid week.

    I'll post pictures when it arrives.:yahoo:

  2. congrats on your find. Post pics when she arrives.
  3. oh wow congrats! I loved Vert Gazon! Best green ever to be honest! Love it.
  4. Next after the green may have to be yellow. I just love looking inside my bags and seeing a rainbow of colors.
  5. its very cheery and uplifting
  6. That will look beautiful with your other accessories!
  7. yay congrats! I can totally imagine how fun it'd be to look in your bag and see a rainbow of colors!! That's a new idea for me to contemplate...:graucho:
  8. Wow! What a great find! Congrats!!!
  9. I love Vert Gazon...sOoooo much!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: CONGratsssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. lucky girl..... congrats!
  11. Z&J you got this from Saks Boca Raton?? I saw it there last week and was going to get it but when I saw it up close it had scratches. Well I hope it's not the same one that you are getting but when I went to Saks today it was no longer there...
  12. ^oh no! hope that's not yours :sad:

    sorta OT, but not... there is a vert gazon first @ the NM at International Mall, Tampa. just in case anyone (or you Z&J :p) are looking.
  13. Vert Gazon is a yummy green!!! CONGRATS!!!
  14. Oh!!! An Ice Blue Makeup!!! My holy grail *falls off chair*...and do you think I can find one? Noooooo!

    You'll love VG too! It's pure electric green!
  15. Thanks KDC the makeup is actually 05 Sky blue but has faded. In person it looks a lot like the 04 Turq.