vert gazon in a city...Will I be able to find this in Sept?

  1. I have been wanted a bbag for 3 years now but as a 23 year old, I couldnt exactly afford it without having my parents kill me! I have just graduated college and I am moving to london to work for 6 months and I have decided that I want to save to buy the vert gazon in city. I was in NYC and went to BNY 2 weeks ago and saw this color in a first and I could not stop drooling.

    I am going to save money every week for this bag but by the time I have the money it will be August or what not. Will i Still be able to buy this bag in August or September?

    Of course I am HOPING that it will go on sale in London during their summer sales but it is sooooo pretty I dont think that will ever happen correct?
  2. Weeeell, you could of course be lucky, but as I too am a fan of this colour, I strongly doubt it..

    On the other hand, you could wait, and if there aren't any avaliable in Sept, you could go for eBay?!

    Good luck anyway!!! Gorgeous colour in a classic style! Can't go wrong:jammin:
  3. Well in my experience in Bbags, if you see it, I would grab it, chances are it wont be there in sept. I just got a makeup clutch in that color which i love.
  4. I am sure you will be able to find one on eBay by the time you do have the money.
  5. Lizz (I like your name!), I agree, eBay will have some around by that time.