Vert Gazon - how is it holding up for you?

  1. I bought a Day in Vert Gazon w/GGH, and have worn it for about a month, straight. I already see significant fading on this bag...mostly at the top.

    Granted, I've been using it every day...but it just seems too soon to have noticeable wear like this. I conditioned it w/Apple conditioner and sprayed it with 3 coats of Apple Garde rain & stain repellant. I did this procedure before I started wearing it, and I did it a second time after 3 weeks of wear.

    Has anyone else worn their Vert Gazon bag a lot? If so, have you noticed any fading or wear?
  2. ^^ yikes, i'm so sorry to hear that fiat :sad:...i don't have a VG b-bag, but i don't think it should fade unless it's been sitting out in the sun...i didn't think a bold, bright color like that would be prone to fading :confused1:...and it certainly shouldn't happen after only a month of use...hopefully some others here can shed some light on the subject (pardon the pun) :girlsigh:
  3. Oh dear. Sorry to hear that Fiat....I sold my VG part time a while ago and now dreadfully miss it!
  4. i have a steel first I bought and used for a little over a month too. I also saw a little fading on the left side of the bag! I was and am really upset about it. I called BalNY and they said it was prob due to sun exposure but I am not in the sun much at all. They said i could send it back and they would look at it, but I don't feel they would do any thing for me.. so I have given up :sad: I just hope it does not fade any further...I am going to try and treat it next w/ apple guard - I have not tried that
  5. I use mine everyday, with no protection and it hasn't faded at all. However, I spilled almost an entire soda in it today and am freaking out!
  6. i have a vg city and i dont think it had faded too much but the handles have def faded and the coating on the handles near the rope has cracked which makes me quite upset since its my 1st bbag and i spent so much on it...i heard bal may repair for free though
  7. has anyone else had this problem with vert gazon bags?