Vert Gazon - hobo or PT???


Vert Gazon - hobo or PT w/ RH

  1. New Hobo (GH)

  2. PT (RH)

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  1. Can't get that picture of Katie out of my head. I just got a VG PT w/ RH, but wondering about the new hobo style with the GH???
  2. LOL... you are too funny.

    I like the part-time first, day hobo second.... but then - I am not much help, because I just ordered a PT AND I want to get a day soon...

    So.... both? ;)
  3. Hobo defo - saw it irl yesterday and is theeeee most amazing style of bag!
  4. i like PT than hobo...
  5. GH looks great on the Hobo, and particularly in vert gazon!!!
  6. Do you have a picture of them?
  7. I have to go with the Hobo! Katie's bag was just delicious! :yes:
  8. hobo for sure! so hot.
  9. i think the new hobo is really fun! but wasn't katie's bag a VG day, not the new hobo...? or am i confused?
  10. Hobo with GH. I am staring at my VG GH Day! I love her so much.

  11. no, you're right, but I'm wanting to get the new hobo w/ the GH, which is essentially the same look roughly.
  12. here's the RH PT. and a GH day - which is similar to the hobo
    vert hanging.jpg katie.jpg
  13. I voted Part Time.
  14. part time

    remember, you don't like GH:yes:
  15. why does it look so pretty in pictures????:confused1: :noggin: