Vert gazon giant bag pics needed

  1. :yahoo:It is almost time that I get my vg giant bag...
    maybe next week.:p

    Anyone of you have a pic of a daybag or city, could you
    post it?

    Thanks so much.:heart:
  2. I have a hobo.
    Hope this helps.
    misc 049-1.jpg
  3. You shoulda posted this in the main forum ... it would get more responses! ;)
  4. :pThanks gro.....
    I love this color...:heart:
  5. I just saw a Vert Gazon City GGH at Saks in Boca Raton today- soo pretty IRL. Sorry I don't have a pic though.
  6. Here ya go! This was my GH VG City (sold):

  7. :crybaby:Ohhhh sold yours????:confused1:
  8. :wlae:Anybody else have a pic of a day giant bag?????
    I`m getting one next week...yeah:wlae:
  9. :yes:Pics please.....I know somebody has a day bag
    out there...Thanks so much:yes:
  10. Only got the GH hobo and that was already posted! ;)
  11. here's karenab's VG GH Day.......


  12. yeh, I missed my VG First after all. So, I sold it to a pf'er and got the First again. I'm down to two GH bags which I love, my FB GH PT and Anthracite GH Work.:love:
  13. I am going to move this to the main thread :yes:
  14. ^^ Thanks Cracker for posting mine :tup:
  15. :nuts: Any brand new vert gazon daybags left in
    the stores??

    Does anyone know ?
    I`m going to europe and I can find one there??