Vert Gazon GH Day?

  1. Hi everyone...I recently laid eyes on some pictures of the day bag with giant hardware in vert gazon and I am in love! Does anyone know where I might be able to get my hands on one of these beauties or are they completely sold out?
  2. :nuts: Same here, I`m ready to get one as well.
    Any ideas where we both can get one?
    What stores still carry those?:yahoo:
  3. A large sum of money will be given as a reward..:woohoo:
  4. swiss flower, I was able to order one from Balenciaga NY. When I called yesterday, they had 3 (I think) in stock, so try giving them a call :smile:
  5. I know I called, but now I`m out of money....just purchased a sandstone
  6. Check BalNY. I thinkt they may still have one in stock.:smile: