Vert Gazon GGH Chevre or Agneau?

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  1. Hi, I have purchased a preloved lovely Vert Gazon Day with GGH, no card with it stating which season and what material was used, but I'd like to know, whether it is Chevre (goat leather) or Agneau, lambskin? Are all Vert Gazons from 2007 and are they then all made from goatskin? I am just confused, as the leather is soft and silky, but it is different to my 2006 S/S black RH city, which is Chevre and incredibly buttery soft... The leather tag says 173081 213048 on the reverse, if that helps...

    I would appreciate your input very much!

    If this is the wrong forum, then mods please move it to the right one, thank you!
  2. ^ It's chevre (goatskin) as Vert Gazon is a S/S '07 color. Balenciaga began using agneau (lambskin) in F/W '07 (aside from metallics which were always agneau) so you'll find both types of leather that season. By S/S '08 all the motorcycle bags were agneau and was launched ;o)
  3. Thank you for your answer! It's amazing that the two skins, even though both chevre, on my two Bal bags can be so different! Both are lovely, but really different!