Vert Gazon First - Take a look - Model pics!

  1. [FONT=&quot]Here's my very first Bbag in First Vert Gazon, delivered just in time for my B-day, which is TODAY! :yahoo: Thanks to all of you, I'm now a proud owner of Balenciaga. This green color is TDF IRL! :nuts: Let me know what you all think of the size on me. I love the color, no doubt, but not so sure of the size. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]I've never seen any Bbags until now so I wasn't able to try on any of the sizes before I bought her. I went with the First since it's my first Bbag, it only makes sense right? But now, [/FONT][FONT=&quot] I'm thinking that the First may be too small, so I can't decide if I should trade it in for a City or Part-time. If I do, it would be with GH, same color of course.:p

    Cracker - I know you used to own a First and now you have a Part-time and City. Can you help me make a decision on the size and what's really better in person? :confused1:

    I certainly welcome everyone's input, so please share your thoughts!:yes:

    Here's me modeling my First, I'm 5'2":


    By the way, I bought her at Barney's NY with Jennifer. She is WONDERFUL! You guys should give her a try. [/FONT]
  2. Awwww HAPPY BIRTHDAY :party:

    I think the size and colour is perfect for you!

    The main thing is, that YOU love it! If you find the First is too small... go for the City in VG!
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY:yahoo:

    And she's gorgeous!!! I love the VG in the first w/RH :yes: I don' think she looks too small on you at all. When I first got my First I had to ask my bf if she looked too small on me, he replied "if it were smaller it'd be too small, but any bigger it'd be too big" LOL so basically he thought she was perfect (I'm 5'8" btw)

    HOWEVER, if she's not big enough to fit all your stuff then I think a Twiggy or City would look great!
  4. Don't get me wrong.....I love my VG GH City but I think the VG looks awesome in the First and it looks FANTASTIC on you! It's a keeper.

    Start planning your next purchase for a GH PT or City in a different color. Have fun......the Bbag colors are so addictive.
  5. :yahoo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And the bag looks absolutely gorgeous on you. You'd be surprised at how different B-Bags end up looking great regardless of the actual size (like they mold to you! I love it!). If you find that it's not enough to fit all of your belongings, for sure you should look into a City next- but for now, the First looks perfect!
  6. Happy Birthday!!! :dothewave: :party:

    I agree with what everyone's said so far...THIS VG First is perfect for you. It's definitely a KEEPER!
  7. Happy Brithday!:drinkup:
    VG looks awsome in First and you look fantastic with it. :yes: She is a keeper.:yahoo:
  8. looks great on you. congrats!
  9. That bag looks fabulous on you!! I love that color - it really pops!
  10. Happy Birthday and the VG looks perfect in that size on you.
  11. Happy Birthday!!!

    The first is adorable and looks perfect on you! And it seems you can carry it on both your arms and shoulder comfortably.

    Congrats it's a beauty!
  12. Daffy! Happy Birthday!

    I think the size is absolutely perfect on you. I am also 5'2 and the First is the perfect size for me. I was a bit scared at first of overstuffing my bag but now it's not a problem at all and I love it. It holds everything I need, even a full bottle of water (in addition to a large makeup case, cell phone, sunglass case, wallet, checkbook, etc).
  13. happy b-day! the bag looks smashing on you! love your outfit! enjoy your cute bag :smile:
  14. Yummy, yummy, yummy - you can't go wrong with VG!
  15. Lovely color! Perfect size for you!!!:yes: