Vert Gazon Day with RH?

  1. Hiya does anyone out there seen one of these in a store? I have tried BalNY and BalParis and everywhere in the UK although not that they undersatnd me much!!! lol TIA
  2. I've seen it at Neiman Marcus but sold out pretty quickly. Perhaps Barneys New York has it....or even Aloharag.
  3. I saw one on eBay recently. It was only 975 BIN.
  4. I missed the eBay one... i was gutted!!!!!!!! i asked my dh if i could buy it as i was on a ban and it was gone.....
  5. OH NO now I'm worried, I was thinking of getting one:crybaby: are they sold out?
  6. The GH isnt if thats what you are looking for... I have the Giant hobo in vert gazon but i want a RH day, and that seems harder to find..... The uk didnt get Vert Gazon in as far as im aware so its a bit more difficult for me to locate. I could ring lots of stores in the US but id have a massive international phone bill.......