Vert Gazon Day with GGH??

  1. Does anyone know if this is still available anywhere? I've been DYING to get my hands on this for the longest time but everywhere I've called is SOLD OUT :crybaby:
  2. moving this to the shopping sub...
  3. oops sorry, i'm new at this :confused1:
  4. That is a gorgeous bag. Although, I bet eBay is your best bet at this point. But you never know! GL!
  5. They have one VG Day with GGH left in Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh. You can call them up and they will deliver worldwide. I just saw it there on Thursday, so know it's still there. PM me if you need the number. Good luck:smile:
  6. I knew I had seen a message about there being VG/GH at one of the UK stores. I'm so surprised it's still there...maybe the Katie Holmes pic didn't create quite the stir over there that it did here. ;)
  7. I tried sending siri anne a message but was unable to :push: Can you please give me the contact info for Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh? Thanks a bunch!!!
  8. Hi

    HN in Edinburgh phone number if dialing from the states is:

    011 44 131 524 8388
  9. HN Edinburg doesn't have it, in fact I don't think they have in all branches, they only have the VG Giant in Work for Pound 842 (excluding tax) and yes, they ship worldwide.