Vert Gazon City or aquamarine city?


Vert gazon or Aqua city?

  1. vert gazon w/ rh

  2. aquamarine w/ rh

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  1. Which one would be better w/ my collection? i have truffle, FB and Vert d'eau. TIA!
  2. I had the VG city with RH and promptly returned it. Now that I had the chance to compare VG RH brief with VG GH PT, it's the GH that makes that bag POW! Just my $.02
  3. VG w/GH.:yes:
  4. Aqua but if you decide on that one, specify you want a bright aqua, not a grayish aqua. The color varies a lot with these. The VG is gorgeous if you get a good one, but it's not nearly as versatile if you like things to blend or match.
  5. Aqua!!!!!!!!
  6. aquamarine!
  7. vert gazon! i have one in weekender and it gives a pop of colour to any outfit! :yes:
  8. Vert gazon. I actually don't think aqua is as versatile.
  9. Well, since you already have FB, I vote for Vert Gazon.
  10. I vote Vert Gazon but.....with GH, that would look stunning in a city!!
  11. Aqua!!!!!!!
  12. hi shasta, have you decided on which bag you will get?? VG or aqua???
  13. I agree - I like VG with GH.

    But overall I prefer aquamarine.. even over the VG w/GH :yes:
  14. I love the grass green!
  15. I voted for VG in the City. Have you thought about an Aqua Work?