Vert Foret or Tabac RH Day?


Which color would you choose?

  1. 07 Vert Foret

  2. 07 Tabac

  3. 08 Vert Thym

  4. 08 Sahara

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi everybody! I went into Barney's on Sunday and fell in love with the thick leather of the Day bag. I tried looking online for a Violet RH Day, but have had no luck. So now I'm thinking of purchasing a Vert Foret or Tabac (more reddish) Day from Aloha Rag. Which would you guys choose? I already have a vert foret Step and a cinnamon city, but I'm just being bad... Another alternative is to wait for the Vert Thym or Sahara '08 Day (can you tell I like green/brownish colors? But it's hard to tell from the pictures what these colors will look like...
  2. I love the Tabac color! In fact, I want one for my next bbag. I like more neutral colors though and I don't like the color green.
  3. I have tabac in the day and mini matelasse. It is an absolutely gorgeous colour.
  4. I think tabac is beautiful! And versatile! But I'm also not much of a green fan either. Sahara could be gorgeous but I've been staying away from light colors since they dirty easily and sometimes yellow :hrmm:
  5. Tabac! I have a tabac city and the color is gorgeous :love:. It's also a really versatile color because it matches with brown or black.
  6. I have a tabac rh Day, it's more of a chestnut or brick-red color :love: Luurve that bag!!
  7. I vote for Vert Foret because I love that color so much, but I've changed my my mind and think that because you already have a Vert Foret and Cinnamon bag, you ought to go for Sahara. It's a fantastic looking neutral. I am not terribly crazy about Vert Thyme at the moment.
  8. I say wait until the new colors come to decide. I think both of those colors will still be available...
  9. the day tabac is my 1st bbag
    i love this color you can use it as everyday bag :tup:

  10. the light colors turn yellow? :wtf: oh no! that's horrible!

    i do love green, so initially i wanted Vert Thym because i already have Vert Foret. but i'm afraid the new bags are thin and dry. :shrugs:.

    hmm, i guess i'm leaning toward the tabac now...
  11. Tabac! It's Gorgeous!
  12. i happen to like the sahara so I voted for it.
    however tabac is equally as gorgeous and versatile.
  13. :confused1:I did not realize how much I loved I want one with ggh....;)
  14. I am biased since I have a vert foret Day and looooovvvveeeee it. Its a great color and the leather is niiiiccceee :smile:
  15. ooh... have modeling pics???